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Daily Writing

Motivation for the Lazy Writer

Motivation To Write Daily
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This community was created to get writers motivated to write daily. We are first going to start of with prompts on Sunday and write weekly, with all written word due on by the following Saturday. Then we will move to daily prompts to really push the creative juices. You want to be a writer, you want to write the next big thing...but you can't do it unless you write everyday. This is your challenge, if you are up for it, join our community.

Please note, when someone posts what they have written, positive critiques only. If you have nothing to say, don't say anything.

Also, if you writing has not at least been spellchecked and make some semblance of sense, it will not be accepted. While I don't mind errors here and there (grammar or otherwise), I will not take things that have been haphazardly written and posted for the sake of it.

Finally, if you have questions, please ask. If I can't find the answer or no the answer, someone is sure to.